Support A Student Who Is Changing The World 

We’ve looked for people around the world who are actively doing justice work. 
These people are giving their lives to see the gospel in their communities. They can’t afford a Kilns education, but if they had access to it, it would transform their life, ministry and influence. 

The Why:

Right now, funds are the #1 way that we support non-profits. 

What if we did it differently?

What if, instead of giving only to organizations, we started to equip the leaders of those organizations?

By equipping leaders with a Kilns education, their influence will be multiplied. 

Will you help multiply the justice work all ready happening around the world? We can’t do it without you. 

Thobekile Ncube
Harare, Zimbabwe

These students have been nominated and selected as high-impact students that are already using their lives to pursue justice in their communities. Click on their profile to learn more about their stories.

The Who: Meet The Students

More world changers coming soon

more world changers coming soon

The How: You

We need your help! We can't reach this goal without you. Would you consider sponsoring a student? You can contribute with a one time pledge, or a reoccurring monthly donation. 


We'll be adding new candidates for the World Changers Fund every couple weeks. We would love to keep you up to date!

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