Thobekile Ncube

Harare, Zimbabwe

Age: 44
Profession: Capacity Building Officer at Tearfund

Thobekile is Capacity Building Officer
at Tearfund, and international relief organization. She has a heart to see poor and vulnerable groups find their voice and live the lives God intended for them.   She spends her time equipping church leaders para-church organisations to take a leading role in responding effectively to issues of social injustices.

thobekile is working at tearfund to support local churches 


Thobekile STARTED TO WORK With local Sects to end child marriages


Sarah's Journey

Sarah continues her work at Kids Hope 

Sarah grew up as an at-risk kid in Michigan 

She moved to LA and started Kids Hope in California

Sarah became a teacher

Thobekile grew up in a small village in Zimbabwe. As she got older she collided with destiny when she started to work with street children, she established a program for girls who were working and living on the streets. 

For many years, she worked ministering to a cult, feeling called to bring them the gospel. During that time she worked to put an end to some of their unethical practices, such as child marriage. 

Now, she is a leader at TearFund. Tearfund's vision is to see people freed from poverty, living transformed lives and reaching their God-given potential. She works with church leaders to assist them in brainstorming their strategies around tackling injustice. She often hosts conversations with people on issues of injustice that take place in our community so that they grapple with the issues and work out their role in resolving those issues. 

Thobekile also often participates in peaceful demonstrations against unjust laws and practices.

Thobekile's Impact

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How Will an Education at Kilns Support Your Ministry?

After completing the program, I will go out on a stronger footing, more solid conviction of God's heart for justice. I believe that will give me even greater tenacity to push through walls of injustice and release God's heart for justice in my work and my local community. 

Thobekile's Need


GOAL: $10,000


Zimbabwe is currently a country of much unrest, politically, economically and socially. This creates many obstacles for Thobekile to pursue a US education. Economically, the country uses the US$ as its major currency. 2016 it created a pseudo currency that is said to be 1:1 to the US$ but does not work outside Zimbabwe.  The government converted all bank accounts into this Pseudo currency.  Thobekile along with other Zimbabweans lost all their money that was in the banking system leaving her with worthless papers in hands.  Along with set backs like these, she also works in the non-profit sector. These circumstances make a US education at Kilns seem impossible. Will you consider supporting Thobekile in pursuing an education that will equip and further her impact in Zimbabwe?